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Cement test piece test block standard maintenance problem
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The curing requirements of cement test pieces and concrete test blocks are different. Cement test pieces (cement mortar) adopt GB.T17671-1999. Cement mortar strength test method ISO method.
Concrete test block adopts GBT 50081-2002 standard test method for mechanical properties of ordinary concrete
GB/T50081 stipulates: the use of standard maintenance test pieces,
1, should be placed in the environment of temperature 20 ± 5 ° C for a day and night to two days and nights, then numbered, demolished. Immediately after demoulding, it should be placed in a standard curing room with a temperature of 20±2°C, a relative humidity greater than 95%, or cured in a non-flowing calcium hydroxide saturated solution at a temperature of 20±2°C.
2. The test piece should be placed on the standard maintenance indoor support. The test pieces should be placed on the shelf at least 10-20mm apart. 3. Regardless of the humidification device used, the sprayed water must be atomized and cannot be watered. Directly pour on the test piece.
SHBY-20B, SHBY-40B, SHBY-60B cement and concrete sample maintenance products produced by Hangzhou Sansi Instrument are designed and manufactured according to the standard maintenance requirements of concrete test pieces of national construction industry industry JG3037-1996. It is applicable to the standard maintenance work of strength and setting condensation time of cement and concrete samples by various construction sites and scientific research and quality inspection departments.
This series of cement (砼) constant temperature and humidity maintenance box adopts advanced intelligent temperature and humidity control system, which can accurately command the functions of temperature rise, temperature drop and humidification. Fully automatic switching work to achieve dynamic balance of temperature and humidity inside the box, and can be equipped with automatic timing printer and water level sensor. Therefore, the accuracy and automation control level of the standard curing conditions are improved, the energy consumption is reduced, the existing low-grade standard maintenance box and the non-standard maintenance room built by the enterprise are replaced, and the standard environment for the state adjustment and test of the test piece is realized. .
First, the main technical parameters of cement constant temperature and humidity maintenance box:
1, temperature control instrument error ± 1 ° C
2, the temperature difference inside the box ≤ 1.5 ° C
3, control humidity ≥ 95%
4, the power supply voltage 220V ± 10V
5, power frequency 50HZ
6, compressor frequency 145W
7, heater power 600W
Volume: 20B type 550 × 550 × 650 mm (cement test block 20 groups)
     40B type 550 × 580 × 1160mm, 5 layers (40 sets of cement test blocks)
     Model 60B 1100×590×1160mm, 10 layers (18 sets of test blocks)
Second, the working principle of cement standard maintenance box:
This instrument uses a precision platinum resistance Pt100 as a temperature sensing element, which is transmitted by a multi-way switch by a high-performance (A/D) converter. The temperature and humidity equivalent voltage signals are converted into corresponding digital signals, which are then processed and displayed by a single microprocessor. When the temperature is lower than the lower limit of the set temperature control value, the meter outputs a heating control signal. When the temperature is higher than the upper limit of the set temperature control value, the meter outputs a cooling control signal, and when the temperature enters the window area of the set control value (CER When setting the area), the meter stops heating or cooling and enters the constant temperature state. When the humidity is lower than the upper limit of the set humidity control value, the meter outputs a humidification signal. When the humidity is higher than the lower limit of the set humidity control value, the humidification stops.
Third, the cement standard maintenance box instructions
1. The instrument should be placed in a ventilated and dry place at an ambient temperature of 2~38 °C, relative humidity of not more than 85%, and indoor use without strong vibration and strong electromagnetic fields.
2. After the instrument is placed in a stable position, check whether the door switch is flexible and whether the electrical, cooling and other components are damaged.
3. Add water to the water tank in the box to the bottom of the shelf. 2cm above the electric heating tube, open the side door to fill the humidifier tank with distilled water, and fill the plastic ball inside the temperature measuring wet box with water and gauze. Soak in water.
4. Insert the power plug into the 220V socket with good grounding. Press the power switch and the instrument will automatically enter the working state.
5. When the factory is shipped, the instrument has been programmed into the standard setting program. The temperature control value is 20.0°C±1.0°C, and the humidity control value is 95%±1.5%. There is no special requirement, and the control program cannot be changed. Otherwise, temperature control may occur. The humidity control is beyond the technical scope. If it is necessary to change the control value data, the program can be modified according to the temperature controller manual.
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