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Hangzhou Sansi Instrument Co., Ltd.
         Hangzhou Sansi Instrument Co., Ltd. is a highway integrating sales, design, scientific research and service.
Building Materials Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. was formally established in Hangzhou in March 2010. In the building materials manufacturing industry in China, the hydraulic product series is complete and the product design is scientific.
         Main service products: anchor tension meter, ground coefficient detector, cement product detector, helium analysis instrument, building test instrument, geotechnical test instrument and its ancillary products; main service items: new geotechnical instrument wholesale, sales, maintenance, verification, Technical advice, etc. Hangzhou Sansi Instrument provides complete testing equipment and technical support for civil engineering, architecture, geology, minerals, marine, agriculture, forestry, land, electricity, water conservancy and education systems.
         The company's purpose: in the continuous innovation of products, continuous improvement, progress, dedication, all truth-seeking, the pursuit of customer trust and the long-term interests of the company. We always adhere to the management tenet of quality as the day, customer as the land and talent as the respect.
        Hangzhou Sansi Instrument Co., Ltd. closely follows the eastward movement of Hangzhou Administrative Center and the strategy of “development along the Yangtze River and cross-river development”. It is located in the Binjiang High-tech Development Zone in Qianjiang Times (a strategic place for common prosperity on both sides of the Qiantang River), and money. Jiang Central Business District CBD and Hangzhou New City Center -- Qianjiang New City across the river. The company is along the Yangtze River and has convenient transportation. It is only 15 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway and Hangjinyu Expressway pass by. High-tech companies such as Alibaba, Silan Microelectronics, Hang Seng Electronics, and Sunyard are located around the company.
         Hangzhou Sansi Instrument provides customers with some solutions in the practical application process. It has rich experience and knowledge accumulation in geophysical physics test, engineering mechanics test and physical property analysis of cement products. We can solve the pre-sale and sale for you. , after the sale of all questions.
         Welcome to call, write, visit the website ( to consult and negotiate. We are always welcome to visit you!


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Hangzhou Sansi Instrument Co., Ltd.

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