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ZY-50 anchor tension gauge, bolt puller, steel puller technical parameters and operation steps
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First, use and characteristics
ZY series bolt tension meter is suitable for the detection of anchoring anchoring force of anchor bolt and steel bar. It is an essential instrument for quality inspection of bolt construction.
The dynamometer consists of a hand pump (or electric pump), a hydraulic cylinder, a pointer meter (MPA) or a digital meter (KN), and a high pressure hose. The manual pump working type is double oil high and low pressure double diameter plunger type design, high working efficiency, fast loading, low pressure can be adjusted according to the required pressure. A three-position four-way manual reversing valve is installed on the pump body to reversing the inlet and outlet oil passages. The valve adopts an end face sealing structure, and the sealing performance is better than that of a general steel ball structure, and the operation is convenient and the service life is long. The hydraulic cylinder is a hollow double oil passage type, which is connected to the high pressure hose through a quick joint. The pressure gauge is mounted on the pump body, and the bolt pull force value can be directly read by conversion. The series of bolt tension gauges have the characteristics of novel structure, reliable performance, convenient carrying, small size and light weight.
Second, ZY-50 anchor tension meter, anchor puller, steel puller main technical parameters
Manual pump
Working pressure / MPa
high pressure
Low pressure
Flow rate ml/time
high pressure
2.3 (adjustable)
Low pressure
Maximum hand pressure / N
Oil storage capacity / L
Quality / Kg
Hydraulic cylinder
Working ability / KN
Pull stroke / mm
Center aperture / mm
Quality / Kg
Third, ZY-50 anchor tension gauge, anchor puller, steel puller packing list
1, hydraulic cylinder 1
2, manual pump wooden box 1
3. Product certificate 1 copy
4, instruction manual 1 copy
5, digital pressure gauge 1
6, high pressure oil pipe 1
4. Bolt dynamometer accessories mainly include (optional): M6, M8, M10, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18 adapters and 100kN levers
Five, ZY-50 anchor tension meter, anchor puller, steel puller operation steps
The manual pump's reversing valve has three positions, its function is shown in
1. Place the reversing valve in the neutral position, ie the middle gear, connect a high pressure oil pipe connected to the pressure gauge to the joint of the lower oil inlet of the hydraulic cylinder, and the other high pressure oil pipe is connected to the upper oil return port.
2. Loosen the manual pump filler cap (should be loosened for intake or exhaust each time), place the reversing valve in the loading position, and press the manual pump to push the piston of the hydraulic cylinder through the pressure. When the stroke is reached, the reversing valve is turned to the unloading position, and the pressure cap is continuously pressed to retract the piston rod, and the air in the hydraulic system is evacuated several times.
3. Connect the anchor tension gauge to the anchor to be tested as shown in the figure. If the anchor is a threaded steel bar, refer to Figure A for connection; if the anchor is a exposed part of the round steel, it can be connected with reference to Figure B. The ZY series produced by our company, ∮6-40 15 kinds of anchors of different specifications and extension rods of various specifications can be purchased according to actual needs.
4. Place the reversing handle in the loading position, and slowly press the manual pump to extend the piston rod by about 10 mm. The purpose is to avoid damage to the piston rod when the anchor is hit by the wedge, and also bring convenience to the anchor. Install and fix the anchor or nut that matches the anchor. Press the hand pump evenly, the pressure increases until the maximum value is reached, the pressurization is stopped, and the pressure gauge data is recorded.
5. Turn the reversing valve to the unloading position, press the manual pump to retract the piston rod, remove the anchor (tapping the anchor housing) or the nut and hydraulic cylinder.
Six, ZY-50 anchor tension gauge, anchor puller, steel puller notes
1. The dynamometer is strictly prohibited from being overloaded, and the digital peak meter is prohibited from exceeding the maximum range.
2. The system should be kept clean. The dust at the joint should be cleaned before connecting the oil pipe. The cylinder should be reset after testing.
3. When the cylinder is working, the bottom should be flat and stable, and it should be in line with the measured anchor.
4. The N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil should be filled in the oil storage pipe. The oil injection amount should not be too full. There should be a certain space in the oil pipe (about 1/5 space is left) to allow the air to be discharged.
5. The high-pressure hose should be tested for pressure resistance once a year to prevent accidents from aging.
6. During the work of the tension meter, it is strictly forbidden to stand around the cylinder and pay attention to safety.
The product is guaranteed within one year under the specified conditions of use.
Do not use overload travel
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